Our Mission

The WVAS provides educational, inspirational, and motivational art opportunities for its members and the community through monthly programs and scheduled workshops.

Our Programs

Monthly programming is typically held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Our Goals

  1. To offer opportunities to learn new techniques through workshops, demonstrations, plein air paint outs, field trips, and media presentations.
  2. To foster opportunities for artists to exhibit their work through shows both juried and non-juried, as well as other community local venues.
  3. To publicize WVAS and other art events and opportunities through meetings, social media, and traditional media.
  4. To create accessible opportunities for young people to explore art.
  5. To sustain a vibrant organization through active member participation in monthly meetings and collaborative leadership using individual talents.

Our History

The organization has a rich history in the Lafayette, Indiana region. The Wabash Valley Watercolor Society was formed in 1989 by local artists in search of information, an opportunity to share their interest in painting, and the chance to exhibit their work. Many of the founding members were students of Barbara Gresham from the Greater Lafayette Museum of Art (now the Art Museum of Greater Lafayette). The inspiration and challenges of her teaching were the catalysts that sparked the society’s formation. In January 2015, the board and members voted to expand the organization to include multi-media, acrylics, oils, and pastels in addition to watercolor.